Makua 2018 Seminar – Good Choices in food industry


The undeniable added-value of cooperation with Haarla is an opportunity of learning and co-creating with experts and professionals in food industry. We share knowledge and expertise with customers and create a platform where professionals can meet and exchange good practices in business. Makua Seminar puts the best on the table and brings people together. This year in March we enjoyed the feast again.

“Food is the common ground and universal experience”

James Beard

Bring it on!

At Haarla we believe that good breakfast can be the perfect start to business talks. A few sips of hot coffee along with a fresh pastry set the rhythm of your day, sharpen your mind and boost a good cooperative spirits. Usually, we gather around the table as a team but we are more than happy if our business partners can join us. Therefore – breakfast starring Midori vegetable protein  pastries was the obvious kick-start to the Makua Seminar. After all, we come together through food, to talk about food and we see it as an added advantage to enjoy it! The beauty of our work lies in the fact that we are all the part of a universal experience connecting people. Makua Seminar is a common ground which makes that magic happen.

The content of this years’ seminars were exceptionally interesting as we face new global trends in the food industry. Our top-notch keynoters from Metarom and Emsland Group made a professional showcase in their own fields presenting how those trends reflect in different products and how they can work in various applications.   “The core message was to give an overview about the solutions which we can offer for our customers’ products.” – explains Daniela Bongartz (Emsland Group). Together with her colleague Alexandra Niemeyer they shared their know-how about fresh trends in refined starch products – potatoes flakes, hail and pea proteins. According to Lisa Moriamé (Metarom Group) the food producers across the world have been challenged lately to offer new, healthier solutions especially in beverage segment where sugar plays an essential role in product flavour. Metarom answers the greater demand for nutritional food with a new line of products – Acti’Mask and Acti’Boost Sweet masking solutions helping customers to enjoy healthy food choices without compromising taste.  Thanks to these seminars and workshops we had an opportunity to test the options and exchange our views. “Food seminars always enable us to understand better direct concerns of food producers,” adds Lisa Moriamé, “they give us a possibility to directly question our work and as an outcome to design better products and services for our customers”.  All that was possible in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a really good vibes coming from our guests!

The power of straightforward networking and the spirit of co-creation is something we want to offer all participants. This is that special value-enriching and boosting to business, something we really believe in. On top of that comes a more personal approach, the pinch of fun and entertainment we want to bring along with the professional content. Therefore the seminars program ended with Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Stand-up festival, which we took part in. The event was a perfect wrap-up of Makua 2018

We enjoyed our time to the fullest and we were pleased to receive very positive feedback from the Makua 2018 participants. We hope that we managed to live up to the expectations of all our guests and that our programme brought meaningful content to their day-to-day work. Special gratitude goes to Metarom and Emsland for product presentations and great support!

For us at Haarla, hosting Makua Seminar is always a unique learning experience and a great opportunity to meet and to better understand the needs of our business partners. It embodies our values, inspires us and gives us reason to perform even harder. Therefore, we hope to meet you all again in the next Makua edition.

Our speakers profiles:

Daniela Bongartz, Research & Development, Emsland Group
Alexandra Niemeyer, Business Development Manager, Emsland Group
Lisa Moriamé, Sales Representative in Europe, Metarom Group
Ana-Isabel Dartoise, Research & Development, Metarom Group


Makua 2018 Seminar kick-off with Midori vegetable protein pastries. Delicious start!


Our chef Markku Lamminen is on fire serving dinner with Asian Twist.
Our chef Markku Lamminen is on fire serving dinner with Asian Twist.


Makua 2018 Seminar team together.
Makua 2018 Seminar team together.


Participants having a short break between presentations.

Participants having a short break between presentations.

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