The one with Good Choices and the power of quarterly business reviews.

The worldwide economic upswing brought a wind of change around the globe and, even with some signs of decline, it has also opened the door for development opportunities in several industries. With a deep look at the strategies each quarter, we can plan to seize those opportunities and unleash the hidden potential in product management.



                                                                 The magnificent “Q”

   It is no coincidence that the corporate world divides each year into quarters. Alongside strategic planning it gives you a chance to take a look at your company from a completely different perspective. Quarterly review tells you where you are and helps you to improve your tactics in a battle for your customer’s soul. It often helps you to rethink tired processes, directing you towards refreshing and stimulating change.  Once your budget and strategy is under control you can unleash the full range of your assets and develop a line of products and solutions perfectly tailored for your client. Hence, monitoring our development by quarters is essential to make sure that we are staying at the cutting-edge of our performance and that good choices are in fact the best possible ones.


                                                                         Solutions in action

    So, what have the first 2 quarters of 2018 brought for Haarla? For sure, they found our teams busy and delivered many opportunities to bolster company growth, especially in food and engineering industry. Limited human resources combined with an extra demand for production encouraged many of our customers to use our innovative potential and outsource their product development to Haarla. We have been working with our partners to participate in a blending process, taking on most of the responsibility for the production line.  Once again we had an opportunity to act not only as an agent, but as a valuable partner initiating solutions directly on behalf of the customers. We have seen great interest in the Balemat² RCF Bale Inspection Technology and our machine has been successfully installed with customers in Germany and United Kingdom. It brings goose-bumps of satisfaction and real joy to deliver the right solutions for sake of business development! Within the last two quarters Haarla focused on co-creation, a tool to strengthen the relationship with customers and suppliers, and we will continue this development anticipating further success over the coming quarters.

Quarterly insight is one of the tools we are using to turn “extraordinary” performance into the standard code of conduct. The secret is in attitude. In the end, the magical “Q” is not only about measuring cash flow and controlling your commodities. It is about knowledge, business sense and understanding, while analysing your actions and the needs of your business partners. We will continue with this and invest in new projects.  In the next few months we will launch a joint research project on our key customers’ level of satisfaction with Haarla. Stay tuned for more news!



                                                CEO Julius Haarla & team



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