Serving Industrial Processes

with Over 50 Years of Industry Experience

For over five decades, we have supplied process industries with high-quality raw materials and technology solutions. Working in close co-operation with our customers, we invest in ensuring the very best possible performance of the materials and technology we supply. We are not just a supplier, but a partner with visionary and value-adding multi-industry solutions – the Good Choices.

In 1962, Jarkko Haarla Sr. saw an opportunity in serving the paper and pulp industry with raw materials and technology, and began to build partnerships with producers based on trust and an understanding of the production processes. Over the years, we at Haarla recognised the many similarities in various industry processes and gradually expanded our business to new application areas – such as the chemical, foodstuff, agri, nutraceuticals, mechanical woodworking, metal, mining, coating and printing industries. By the 2000s, Haarla’s international growth and business development were supported by company acquisitions and by employing more personnel with relevant experience.

Today we employ circa 40 people and focus on sustainable business and optimal process operation worldwide. Our offices are based in Tampere (HQ), Lappeenranta, Qingdao and London, and we are internationally represented on five different continents. We handle about 300,000 tons of chemicals each year, sending them direct to our customers or via our 20 warehouses. We invest one third of our profits in R&D projects to transform good ideas into a reality. Our goal is to be the leading supplier of sustainable solutions for all parties involved.

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