Balemat² RCF Bale Inspection Technology

For faster and more accurate inspection of fibre, plastic, ash & moisture in RCF bales

The latest generation of Haarla bale grading technology combines the best available technology with industrial engineering know-how. Re-designed from ground up, Haarla Balemat² upgrades the productivity and efficiency of your bale handling process to the next level.

By increasing the awareness in variation of supplier bale quality, Balemat² improves profitability of your industrial process. In addition to reducing expenses caused by moisture or foreign materials in RCF bales, it also decreases maintenance fees and the need of manual labor used on field measuring or bale handling. Due to its integrated core system with all the electronics and sensoring systems included, there’s no actual restrictions on installation environments. Indoor or outdoor, wet or dry,  hot or cold – Balemat2 still produces accurate data for complete quality control. Also, with a different Balemat2 setup solution it is also possible to inspect bales directly from transportation vehicles.

To achieve optimum results, Balemat2 installation is always tailored to meet the requirements of the individual customer processes, environment requirements and material properties. For more information on suitability for your process, please contact your Haarla representative.

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