Haarla ZRI for Stickies Management

to Improve Your Deinking Process Yield by Maximizing Fibre Recovery

The Haarla ZRI concept for stickies management modifies stickies by mechanical shear and cavitation to improve floatability. Haarla ZRI technology allows more than 70%-recovery from fine screen reject that in process yield means 1.4 point increase.

Printed papers and packaging boards can relatively easily be processed to deinked paper (DIP) or recycled paper products – but in the process, there’s always room for improvement – valuable components such as fibres, fines, and fillers are lost among contaminants. This results into usable materials going to waste as rejects resulting in unneeded recycling fees. The fine screen reject is highly potential source for fibre recovery, as the fibre content and brightness is high, but the reuse of this fraction is normally not possible due to high amount of macro stickies and dirt specks. To resolve this issue, the Haarla ZRI concept was developed.

Once you contact us, we can arrange further tests with your samples to understand if there are any particular differences with respect to typical case. Please contact your Haarla representative to find out more.

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